Smile Package Trio!

Examen • Rayos X • Limpieza Básica por $49

Upgrade su sonrisa – Upgrade su ambiente

Oferta por tiempo limitado: Para los adultos mayores de 21 años, obtenga nuestro Paquete Trío de Sonrisas:

  • Examen
  • Rayos X
  • Limpieza básica**

¡Todo por $49 para pacientes que pagan por sí mismos*! (valor total de $395)

– ¡Reserve ahora y obtenga nuestro kit de blanqueamiento para llevar a casa de complemento!

Llene el formulario de contacto a continuación para hacer una cita más rápido de lo que puede decir “¡Bell Yeah!”

¿Que esta incluido en el Paquete Trío de Sonrisas?

  • Examen, Rayos X, Limpieza Básica por $49
    • Si se necesita una limpieza profunda, se cobrará al precio de $96 por cuadrante
  • Kit de blanqueamiento gratis para llevar a casa después de completar la limpieza:
  • Regalo para nuevos pacientes
  • Atención rápida de emergencia disponible/ Citas de prioridad
  • El blanqueamiento se proporciona al completar una limpieza dental
  • Disponible sólo para pacientes que pagan por su cuenta. Pacientes con Medicaid y/o Seguro no son elegibles.
  • Disponible para pacientes mayores de 21 años

Expira el 22/03/2022

¿Preparado para el Rave? ¡Entonces sea parte de lo que sigue! ¡Programe una consulta en línea o una experiencia completa hoy mismo y traiga a toda la familia!

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¡Gran Energía!


¡Buenos Tiempos!


I love it at Rodeo Dental. They have an amazing team,  everyone was very professional, and made you feel like family. This has been the only place that all my kids love and it use to be very hard getting them to go to the dentist but now they’re asking me when they go back to the dentist. Lol I went in for my consultation for braces and was able to leave that day wearing my brace because they have an awesome payment plan, willing to work with you on your down payment and flexible monthly payment they are the best…

5-Star Review – Houston Scott St. Office

Cynethia Mckinney, Google Review

I randomly found this place on Google today when my son was suffering from a bad tooth suddenly. They saw him within 2 hours of me calling. We walked in and I was like 😳 They have an arcade area, movie theater area with super comfy seats, a freaking playground, some giant wall game thing. Omg!! All my childhood dentist had were creepy dead deer heads on the walls!! My kids had a BLAST. We will be returning FOR SURE.

5-Star Review – Fort Worth Office

Tanya Tumer, Google Review

great staff, great experience and very friendly towards me and my family. i always tell everyone to come here for their dental needs. the theater, playground and other amenities are just the cherry on top of a great establishment, was nervous to ask questions to the doctor but luckily Ana kept me company and made sure i was fine. great place wish you could rate higher than 5 stars.

5-Star Review – Forest Hill Office

THIRD COAST REC, Google Review

All Dental Services Under One Roof

Family Dentistry

Rodeo Dental and Orthodontics offers family dentistry, restorative services and cosmetic dentistry for adults and children.


Adults and children have experienced dramatic results and a better quality of life from Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics Texas traditional and clear braces – we also have blingin’ rose gold braces, too!

Pediatric Dentistry

Our pediatric dentists are board-certified and specially trained to work with kids from birth to adolescence, just as a pediatrician is trained to work with children.


Invisalign® is a clear, removable alternative to traditional metal braces that is comfortable to wear and just as effective at straightening teeth.

Dental Implants

Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics offers a variety of dental implant procedures to help restore your smile or make it even better! Many of our treatments (like bridges, implants and dentures) restore function to the mouth.


Have no fear! Root canals are just like getting a regular dental filling. Our amazing endodontists are ready to walk you though the entire process and make it completely comfortable, easy, and pain-free.