Rox Star in Brownsville at Southmost Boulevard

ROX Star in Brownsville at Southmost

Do you have the style, the talent, the moves to become the next ROX Star? If so, our award-winning Brownsville dentist wants to see you! With fashionable glam to make you shine, a stylish backdrop to show your style, and sizzlin’ activities to provide you a high-end dental experience! What are you waiting for come visit Rodeo Dental at Southmost Boulevard and show us your celebrity swagger! Check out some of the rocking ROX Star moments we’ve had so far below!

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ROX Stars in Brownsville!

Rodeo Dental

Our celebrity posed like a true diva! Rave it up little ROX Star!

Rodeo Dental

Our ROX Stars were able to show their cavity-free smiles after an unforgettable dental experience!

Rodeo Dental
Our little superstar is ready to rock out with her favorite Brownsville dentist!

Super Moms with their ROX Stars!

Pop Spirit Celebration
Super Mom helped her little one decorate her star so she can show it to all her friends!
Pop Spirit Celebration

Super Mom made her little ROX Star shine at her award-winning Brownsville dentist!

Pop Spirit Celebration

Our ROX Star had balloons, a shinny star, a loving Super Mom on her side throughout her Rodeo experience.

ROX Star Decor!

Dentist in Brownsville at Southmost Rox Star

Our ROX Star received her Golden Record after showing her hidden talent!

Dentist in Brownsville at Southmost Rox Star

Our ROX Star is on her way to Hollywood with that Golden Record and stunning sunglasses!

Dentist in Brownsville at Southmost Rox Star

It’s never a dull moment at our Southmost office, our ROX Star was ready to decorate his ROX gear to show off!

ROX Star Love!

Dentist in Brownsville Valentine

Our two cute ROX Stars are ready for Valentine’s! You can feel the love in the air!

Southmost Rox Star

Our loving team member made our little ROX Star feel safe and secure during her dental treatment.

Dentist in Brownsville

Our ROX Star was happy after a heart-warming treatment at his favorite Brownsville dentist.

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