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My First Rodeo in Brownsville Ruben M Torres

We know SuperMoms want everything to be perfect for their child’s first Brownsville dentist visit. That’s why, at Rodeo Dental, a first visit isn’t just an appointment, it’s an experience! Your child’s First Rodeo is an opportunity for fun, positive moments with the with your child’s dentist in Brownsville, and our entire Ruben Torres team! After your little one’s First Rodeo, they’ll receive a certificate marking this memorable event, a t-shirt, and other fun goodies! When should your child have a First Rodeo? We recommend a First Rodeo starting at 6 months to make sure your child has their first formal dental visit by 12 months of age! Check out these photos below to see what you can expect!

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Baby’s Dentist Visit!

Brownsville Baby's dentist first visit

Moms play an important role in their little ones dentist visit, that is why they are SUPERMOMS!

Baby's dentist visit

Bring out the ballon, the goodie bag, the My First Rodeo certificate and capture the AWESOME My First Rodeo moment with your award-winning dentist and SUPERMOM!

Brownsville kids dentist

Holly Jollies was a season of joy and happiness! Our Rodeo Dental Brownsville provided our patient with an amazing My First Rodeo for the season!

Brownsville dentist for kids

Such a beautiful moment where a SuperMom is also part of her baby’s first dentist visit, an unforgettable moment!

Brownsville dentist kids first visit

Our dental team members are always there to capture the memorable moment during your baby’s dentist – a true My First Rodeo!

kids dentist in brownsville

What better way to show off your My First Rodeo than to take an AMAZING picture with your Brownsville pediatric dentist and SUPERMOM!

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