Fort Worth Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations on Peoria St!

We take birthdays VERY seriously at Rodeo Dental Peoria😏 We know. A birthday at a dentist’s office? Are they crazy? The short answer is, no we aren’t. We believe in celebrating our patient’s milestones in life and creating a one-of-a-kind experience for them when they’re in our office. It is after all a great honor that you chose to spend your special day with us! Did we mention the cake? 🎂 That’s right we even send you home with your very own cake or cupcakes! 😋 Our Peoria team can’t wait to celebrate you and your family! Want to see some other birthdays we’ve been lucky to celebrate? Check out these awesome celebrations we’ve had below.

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Birthday Celebrations!

Fort Worth Main St. Birthday

Everyone deserves cake on their birthday! This patient was so surprised when the doctor came in with a cake! 🎂

Main st Fort Worth Birthday

Roadies love a chance to celebrate and make our patient’s birthday a special one!

Main st Rodeo Dental Birthday

It doesn’t matter your age, everyone deserves cake! 🎂

Birthday celebration at Fort Worth dentist

This patient and her dental assistant had so much fun taking pictures and eating cake! 

Main st dentist birthday

This birthday boy and his sister were thrilled to have some yummy cupcakes to take home, and even more thrilled to take a snapshot of the special occasion with our doctor and team! 

Birthday celebrations

Cupcakes, balloons, and a goodie bag make for a fun birthday!

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