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ROX Star in Alamo

It’s a new year and we wanted to make every superstar that visited their award-winning Alamo dentist into a ROX Star! With rocking activities for the whole family, stylish glam to make you and your squad spark up, and an experience you won’t get anywhere else! Do you have the talent of a celebrity, the style of a rockstar, or the moves of a Hollywood star? Then your Rodeo Dental in Alamo, Texas wants to see you! Check out some of our ROX Star moments so far below!

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ROX Star Super Parents!

Rodeo Dental

Super Mom was there throughout her orthodontic journey. She is now a ROX Star after debonding her braces!

Rodeo Dental

Super Parents love towards their little Rox Star make them into ROX Stars as well!

Rodeo Dental

All smiles here after an unforgettable orthodontic treatment from Super Mom and our ROX Star!

ROX Star Smiles!

Pop Spirit Celebration

Our ROX Stars are thrilled to show off their cavity-free smiles!

Pop Spirit Celebration

From being short to being tall, everyone is a ROX Star with us!

Pop Spirit Celebration

Our little superstar received his ROX Star status after visiting his Alamo dentist.

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Dentist in Alamo Texas Rox Star

No more fear here! Our ROX Star conquered his anxiety and received the Bravery Award!

Dentist in Alamo Texas Rox Star

Super Mom’s are also ROX Stars! They do so much to make sure their little one receives high-end dental care.

Dentist in Alamo Texas Rox Star

Our ROX Star is not ashamed to show her smile after an elite dental experience!

ROX Star Love!

Dentist in Alamo

Our cute ROX Stars got heart-warming care from their favorite Alamo pediatric dentist!

Dentist in Alamo Texas

The love of a Super Mom is not describable in words, but it is by her actions. This Super Mom wanted for her ROX Stars to get the best dental treatment possible, and she picked Rodeo Dental Alamo!

Rodeo Dental Alamo Rox Star

Our ROX Stars received unconditional love from their award-winning Alamo dentist! It’s time to shine and show the Alamo community your beautiful smiles!

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