We are so excited to share about the awesome event we had with the Girl Scouts of America in Brownsville on 26 June at 4 p.m. Our Southmost team prepared some great educational goodies for our Girl Scouts and MooMoo even came to hang out and assure we all had a great time!

It was such an honor for us to teach the girl scouts about maintaining dental hygiene in the fun Rodeo style. We admire the great spirit of the Girl Scouts and their ability to teach young women to be the best they can! All great things start off small and to make the small things great, it takes a lot of skill and positive thinking! We believe that this is exactly what the Girl Scouts give to young girls. We always want to do our part for this community and what better way to do that than giving new skills and knowledge to the women of tomorrow! Our team works hard to positively impact Brownsville and the surrounding areas, so we always love the opportunity to host events such as this one.

At the event, we were able to teach the Girl Scouts about Rodeo and dental hygiene! We believe the only way to learn is by having fun, so that’s what we did! MooMoo kicked off the event by showing us how he brushes his pearly white teeth. Then we watched a few upbeat videos and danced to some rockin music! We love to get our groove on! At the start of the show, MooMoo even gave out Rodeo Educational Baggies to our Girl Scouts – that’s right, we had gifts for everyone! These educational materials were perfect for our Girl Scouts to take home and teach their friends and family how to keep their smile nice and healthy! We also gave out cool new toothbrushes, so the Girl Scouts could apply the new teeth-brushing methods they learned. And the best part: healthy candy! We gave out healthy candy that actually helps prevent cavities.

We had an amazing time at this event hanging out with MooMoo and the incredible Girl Scouts. Thanks to everyone who came, keep an eye out for our next awesome event!