1. Rodeo Core Values


Here at Rodeo, we believe results are extremely important and we want to achieve the best results for the benefit of all our patients! Also, we firmly believe that best results are gained through sharing and collaboration so we place that among our core values. Perpetually moving forward is just as important and so is always working to have a WOW effect on our patients. Bringing premium quality dental services at affordable prices to all our patients with a smile on our faces is what we are all about.

2. Rodeo Dental Lobby


We always aim to impress with our lobbies so we made sure our lobby has a great design with rich colors and sleek lines. Since a big part of the dental experience at Rodeo Dental is entertainment, we equip our amazing lobbies with an amazing play area, a high-tech movie theater and top-notch video games!

3. MooMoo, the Rodeo Dental Mascotmoomoo-kids-rodeo-dental-texas

Our mascot MooMoo is always there to entertain our youngest patients and is the life of the party at all of our community events. He’s also a big soccer fan, so you can often find him cheering the Rio Grande Valley FC Toros and creating loads of fun at most of our community events!

4. Rodeo Dental Locations

Right now, we have many locations in Texas where we provide premium quality dental services to all our amazing communities. You can find a list of our dental office locations on this link and pick a location that is closest to you!

5. The First Rodeo


When our patient comes in for their first dental examination, we like to call it their First Rodeo and we make a big celebration out of it! We believe that a positive dental experience is important for all patients so we always do our best to make it memorable. We have colorful balloons, special t-shirts and we take a photo so you have something to remember your First Rodeo by.

6. Birthday celebrations


When our patients have a birthday, we do our best to make it their special day so we celebrate it with a cake! Here at Rodeo Dental, we always strive to go an extra step to make our patients feel special.

7. Events in local communities


Caring for the community is extremely important at Rodeo Dental. We always do our best to give back to our amazing community. We arrange different events in cooperation with local institutions and try to educate and entertain our local community!


We hope this list gave you a closer look at what Rodeo Dental is all about! If you would like to come in for you First Rodeo, find the nearest Rodeo Dental location, pick up the phone and make an appointment today!

Keep a look out for our Harlingen, TX location, coming soon!