Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics is a unique dental office that fuses two things that many people consider to be impossible to combine: fun and dentistry! Here at Rodeo, we always focus on giving our patients a good time, along with premium quality dental care. We deeply care for all the patients in our community so we make their visits to our dental experts a stress-free, fun experience.

Rodeo Dental Forest Hill, Texas lobby

Our cool lobby is designed to have a modern subway station appeal with incredible graffiti art and impressive brick walls. It also includes a play area, an awesome gaming zone and an impressive movie theater – we want all our patients to have a great time when they come into our state-of-the-art dental office! Our team really enjoys interacting with all our patients and trying their hand at something new. This time they gave the trending dance challenge “In My Feelings” a try!

Latest viral challenge – “In My Feelings”

The summer’s latest viral challenge is upon us! The “In My Feelings” dance challenge! The challenge involves two things: the song “In My Feelings” from Drake’s new album Scorpion, and your dance moves! The trend has been spreading quickly and has become more popular as celebrities decided to do their take on the dance! Now it’s Rodeo Dental’s turn!

Our Forest Hill Team

After introducing our Forest Hill Team to the In My Feelings Challenge and the dance, our team jumped at the task and it turns out that dentists can dance! Our great team took to the dance floor with style and busted some moves! They truly presented what Rodeo Dental is all about – professional expertise closely tied with great spirit and entertainment. Our team always goes an extra step to connect with our amazing community and these dances are just one example of our efforts to participate in the community.