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Get 100% Pain-Free Dental Visits with DentalVibe®!

At Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics, we encounter patients every day who are afraid to visit the dentist. In fact, studies show that about 80 percent of Americans (both kids and adults) experience some form of dental anxiety!

The two most common sources of anxiety we see are fear of pain and fear of needles. But a breakthrough technology called DentalVibe can help eliminate both!

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How DentalVibe Works

DentalVibe is a patented device that uses vibration to completely eliminate pain from shots and dental work. We simply touch the unit to the inside of the mouth, and the soothing vibrations remove all sensations of pain by keeping pain signals from reaching the brain.

DentalVibe is often used when patients need a shot to numb their mouth for dental work. Many of our patients—especially children—don’t even realize they have received an injection!

Benefits of DentalVibe

We have been using DentalVibe in our offices since 2012. DentalVibe can be used alone or in combination with sedation dentistry to give patients a comfortable, pain-free experience. Some of the benefits include:

  • No pills to take or gases to inhale
  • Safe for both children and adults
  • Effective for helping with dental anxiety
  • Complete elimination of all sensations of pain

DentalVibe is also a popular alternative to sedation dentistry, especially for patients who need to be alert immediately following the procedure.

DentalVibe at Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics

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