Bad breath can happen to anyone, even you. Although you may think you have fresh breath, some everyday things could be making you difficult to be around.

Tobacco-Everyone knows that using tobacco increases your risk of cancer. Chewing and smoking makes your breath smell. If you smoke or chew, you also have a higher risk of gum disease. People who use tobacco are twice as likely to lose their teeth. If you are having problems quitting, talk to your doctor or dentist, or consider trying a tobacco substitute or an alternative therapy such as acupuncture, mediation or hypnotherapy.

Diet-Your daily consumption of garlic and onions may be great for your heart, but it could be giving you bad breath. Research shows that onions and garlic will stay in your system for 72 hours releasing the odor through your skin. Keep sugarless gum handy, try cutting down, and supplement your diet with garlic tablets instead. Coffee, tea, and spicy foods can also cause bad breath.

Dry Mouth-If you have chronic dry mouth, you may want to talk to your doctor or your dentist, especially if you are on any type of over the counter or prescription medication. Antihistamines, anti-depressants, and even cold remedies can increase your risk of dry mouth. Being dehydrated can also cause dry mouth. Drink plenty of water and if you are on medications consider switching to an alternative.

Gum Disease-Probably the number one culprit of chronic halitosis is gum disease. Poor oral hygiene is linked to both gingivitis and the more serious periodontal disease. People who skip brushing and flossing will have food particles, bacteria, plaque, and tartar in between their teeth and gums. This causes pockets of puss to form. All of that bacteria and left over food will cause chronic bad breath.

It is impossible to know what your breath smells like. The best way is to schedule regular appointments with your dentist who can check your teeth and gums to make sure that your breath stays healthy and fresh. After all, the last thing you want is for someone like your boss to discover your chronic halitosis.

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