Bounding through the jungle comes a new king.

Rodeo Dental made its presence felt with the explosive grand opening of a new dental office in Donna, TX! We didn’t hold anything back either. We let it all fly with a live bumpin’ DJ, face-painting, tasty food, games and even an amazing Exotic Animal Show presented by Contacto Animal. Families from all over the Rio Grande Valley came to experience the awesomeness that was being thrown down. Children, parents and even the animals themselves were striking poses and feeling the vibe!

Donna Grand Opening Donna Grand Opening 1

Welcome to the jungle!

Guests of all ages gathered together in the bustling mix of vendors, dancing to live music, getting their faces glammed up with live painting and filling themselves up with mouthwatering sugar-free Raspas. The cheers and laughter brought forth by the entertaining Bonnie Y Globito Clown Show filled the air. New patients stood eagerly by, ready to have their moment in the ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ experience, an experience that filled our hearts and left us begging for more – and more is exactly what we got!

As energy built right outside Rodeo’s new dental office, the crowd filtered into Donna’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous lobby. Rivers shimmered and glided into a wild paradise, contrasted by gloriously colorful tropical plants that invited guests to become part of not only a Dental experience but an adventurous one. Mayan Ruins towered in the wild jungle, lighting up the imagination with fantasies of becoming an explorer ready to set-off onto a brand new journey accompanied with Rodeo Dental’s Award-Winning Dentists and all-star team!

Get the Rodeo Experience

Donna’s party had everyone rockin’ out! It was so off the chain that cool-cats like H.E.B, Herbalife Nutrition and Cricket got in on the action! The hype was real yo, and you can be part of it! You won’t wanna miss this! Drop on by or get in touch and get hooked up with the coolest dentists in Donna around! Check it – Rodeo Dental Brings It In Donna!

Donna Soft Opening Donna Grand Opening 2