It’s Facial Protection Month and that means custom made mouthguards. Custom made Mouthguards should be part of the uniform whether your kids play softball, like to surf or are on the cheerleading squad

According to Rodeo Dental, custom made mouthguards can help protect the jaw, teeth, tongue and cheeks and can prevent an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

With three types of mouth protectors available, you may be tempted to go the cheaper route, but be aware, spending less now, could cost you more in the future.

Stock-Available almost everywhere, stock mouthguards are the cheapest option when it comes to protection and although you may think you are helping your family, don’t be surprised if stock mouthguards are left at home. Stock mouth protectors make it difficult to breath and talk.

Boil and Bite-Made to fit after placing in warm water, boil and bite mouth protectors are a bit better than stock mouth protectors, but still feel bulky and uncomfortable. Unlike custom made mouth protectors from Rodeo Dental, boil and bite mouth protectors will not offer the same protection.

Custom Made-Rodeo Dental prides itself on making the best custom made mouthguards Texas and will make an impression of your teeth before creating mouthguards that are especially made for you. Thin and comfortable, you and your family will be getting the best protection possible.

Along with custom made mouthguards, Rodeo Dental recommends the following equipment to protect against head and mouth injuries:

  • Helmets
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Face Shields

Rodeo Dental recommends that custom made mouth protectors be used for all sports, even if your kids like to rough house on the monkey bars. Custom made mouthguards will keep your children safe and out of the doctor’s office should something unfortunate happen on the playground.

If you would like more information regarding custom made mouthguards, call or click and schedule an appointment with Rodeo Dental today.