Getting braces on the lower or upper arch of the teeth is not uncommon, and patients all over Houston ask us if they can get braces for just the top or bottom of their teeth. While many people look forward to a single set of braces, only some may be suitable candidates for this procedure. In orthodontics, this is called a single-arch orthodontic treatment. This article will give you insights regarding having braces only on the top or bottom of your teeth. Additionally, it will discuss certain concerns related to this treatment.

Certain factors can make a person suitable for a single arch treatment. For example, some patients may have a perfect upper arch while having a spacing or crowding problem on their bottom arch. For others, both arches may be misaligned, but only the top one creates an issue for which they would need treatment.

Braces only on the bottom or top teeth solely treat cosmetic issues; unfortunately, they aren’t effective in fixing most bite-related issues. Did you know: fitting braces on one arch and leaving the other as is can treat one problem but aggravate another! Ultimately, braces on the upper and lower teeth together can give the best results for orthodontic treatment.

Braces On The Top Teeth Only

When you smile, talk, eat, or just open your mouth, your top teeth are visible to everyone. For some people, their top teeth are a matter of self-confidence, and improvements can bring a beautiful smile. Since the bottom teeth aren’t very visible, they don’t need significant changes.

If you are on a low budget, having braces only on the top arch can significantly cut down costs. It is important to note that just placing braces on the top teeth can only improve the aesthetics. Without making adjustments to the top and bottom teeth, the single-row braces can’t fix an overbite, crossbite, or underbite. For patients whose bites are fine but have a misaligned or crooked upper teeth arch, top braces can really help!

Braces On The Bottom Teeth Only

In terms of popularity, top braces beat the bottom ones. Since the bottom teeth aren’t very noticeable when you smile, most people prefer treating their top teeth only. But if your lower teeth are crooked, they are visible when you speak, which is why you may want to go with a treatment for bottom teeth braces. Crowded bottom teeth can also impact your bite and can be corrected using braces. If you don’t have any problems with your top arch and only need some corrections on the bottom teeth, then bottom braces are perfect for you!

Problems With A Single Arch Treatment

One big problem that often occurs with a single arch treatment is bite issues. A bite is comprised of the functionality between your jaws and arches. Your dentist will recommend wearing braces for your upper and lower teeth if you have a misaligned bite. If you’re getting braces to fix your crowded teeth, the straightened teeth will slightly come outside. Patients with crooked lower teeth may already have an under bite before going with the treatment, possibly causing their underbite to worsen.

If a patient has crowded top teeth, their overbite will become more prominent after using single-row braces. Unfortunately, if an overbite is deep, it can make chewing very hard and the top teeth prone to trauma. Putting all the bits together, a single-row treatment can be good for treating one issue, but in reality, it can possibly turn things a little bad for your bite.

Using braces for a single row of teeth may not work for some individuals. In the absence of enough space between the front of the bottom teeth and the insides of the upper teeth, the braces will rub against the top teeth or won’t fit in. Therefore, treating both arches simultaneously is necessary to solve this problem.

See What Your Orthodontist Has To Say

It’s best to discuss your options with your orthodontist before going with a single arch treatment. Taking into account all factors discussed can help you decide if using braces on just your top or bottom teeth is a suitable treatment. Often, your dentist will recommend getting a full set of braces to solve every problem you may have. When you visit Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics, our staff will brief you about the advantages of both options, making it easy for you to decide which treatment is best for you.

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