Progress is key! That’s why Rodeo Dental and Orthodontics always tries to improve and strengthen the community.

This time we’ve outdone ourselves! Our Woodforest location is one of our newest and most anticipated locations, and for good reason. Rodeo Dental Woodforest will be located in South Central Houston and will serve surrounding neighborhoods such as Timberwood, Hidden Forest, Northshore, Magnolia Creek and more.

Like every other Rodeo office, this one will blow your mind. We want to emphasize the brightness of our patients’ joyous smiles, so we’ve prepared a fun, decorated area for taking photos: the Smile Station! At the Smile Station, every patient has an opportunity to choose their most favorite prop and strike a pose!

The Smile Station always has a super fun theme which usually depends on the season or a big anticipated holiday. For example, if you happen to be visiting our sensational office around 4th of July, you can be sure you’ll see some stars and stripes. And of course, other matching decorations to go with it, like steamers, props, balloons and costume items. Sounds amazing, right? You bet it does!

If that’s not enough, our patients can get awards at our Smile Station for how incredible they are, like the “Cavity Free” award, or “Patient of the Day” award. We use them to show you how much we appreciate every single one of you!

This special Smile Station is a perfect representation of Rodeo Dental and what we stand for. Our Patient Experience Sets Us Apart core value is one we are extremely proud of. We have a patient-centric healthcare environment, and that’s the reason why our patients instantly fall in love with us. We listen, engage and try to adapt to their every need. The happiness of our patients will always be our pride and joy!

That brings us to our next important core value of the Smile Station – Smile DNA. Smile DNA is that natural ability people have that makes others smile when they meet them, and that’s exactly what we strive for! When our patients feel the joy, excitement and the Smile DNA from our team, it lifts their energy and makes them happier. That’s what we are all about!

If you want to see some examples of an awesome Smile Station in person, be sure to check out the amazing decorations at our other locations in the Houston area, like Rodeo Dental South Houston and Rodeo Dental Cypress.

Our Woodforest location is set to open soon so be sure to schedule your appointment so you can take fun photos at a Smile Station soon!