Having dental surgery, especially wisdom teeth removal, is not easy to deal with during the initial days, to say the least. After you have one, it is best to take ample rest for a speedy recovery. With that, nutrition also plays an important role. Your body tissues heal a lot faster when they get an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals. However, the type of foods you can eat after getting a wisdom teeth removal is limited to some extent.

This is done to safeguard the blood scab forming on the wisdom teeth extraction site and prevent it from dislodging, resulting in a dry socket.

Follow this blog to know the best foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal and other dental procedures are done.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that appear in the latter part of life, mostly during the late teen years or early adulthood. There are many reasons why wisdom teeth do not grow properly and appear impacted, ranging from scarcity of space for growing and settling to eruption at a wrong angle.

In any case, if the dentists decide to go for wisdom tooth extraction, you need to think about your diet and make a list of all the healthy foods you can eat post-op for proper healing.  

List of Foods You Can Easily Eat After a Dental Procedure/Wisdom teeth Removal

It is a rule of thumb to consume soft foods only right after an oral procedure to prevent pain and not hinder healing. But that does not mean consuming boring or tasteless food. So for your ease, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 30+ foods you can eat after a wisdom teeth removal, insertion of dental implants, or any other oral surgery.

Sweet Options

  1. Ice cream – without hard candies or sprinkles on top.
  2. Applesauce – a soft sweet treat to devour.
  3. Baby food – you probably won’t get a chance to eat.
  4. Mashed bananas – bananas are one of the most popular fruits and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Their soft texture makes them best for having during initial post-op dental recovery.
  5. Smoothies – a blend of your favorite fruit and berries along with yogurt or protein base are great to boost nutrition.
  6. Cheesecake
  7. Cold cereal – until they are soft
  8. Cookies soaked in milk.
  9. Jelly
  10. Pudding
  11. Custard
  12. Mousse
  13. Donuts
  14. Teacakes
  15. Cupcakes
  16. Milkshake – with a spoon, not straw.


  1. Soups and broth – they are easily consumed and do not contain solids that may irritate. They are not only a rich source of nourishment but also great for staying hydrated after oral surgery. Make sure that they aren’t oven hot and have a reasonable temperature.
  2. Mashed potatoes – a safe, loved by all option to have post-op.
  3. Baked Beans – filled with energy, vitamins, and minerals used mashed with broth soaked bread is a tasty combination to go for.
  4. Scrambled eggs – a great source of natural protein.
  5. Avocadoes – guacamole is a good choice to use this fruit.
  6. Hummus – a popular Middle Eastern dish for a change in taste.
  7. Cottage cheese – minimal chewing, easy to eat.
  8. Steamed soft vegetables – broccoli, carrots
  9. Yogurt – greek or regular
  10. Mac and cheese – a tasty, soft, and easy-to-swallow option.
  11. Milk soaked oatmeal – effortless and nutritious.
  12. Salmon fish – it is easily chewed and swallowed.
  13. Fettuccine pasta
  14. Ground beef or chicken
  15. Clams
  16. Egg salad
  17. Egg noodles

Foods You Can’t Eat After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

  1. Spicy food
  2. Crunchy, hard to bite items
  3. Seeds and grains
  4. Chewy items 
  5. Tobacco smoke and alcohol. 


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